Friday, May 8, 2009

A Word to Moms

Mother's Day wasn't very celebrated in my home growing up. My mom was there. She still is and I love and adore her! She is a great mom! However, we didn't celebrate her except with a card. When she was 8 years old, her mom died. The funeral was the day before Mother's Day. I am sure that you can imagine the loss my mom remembers on Mother's Day.
I have been a mom since 2003. I don't think that I have ever really allowed myself to be celebrated on Mother's Day, for fear of betraying my mom. Last Mother's Day, I realized that it is OK to celebrate it. I am not sure of what our plans are for Sunday. I do know that Manly Man doesn't have to work. Super excited about that! Sometimes I think it would be fun to spend the day being waited on...breakfast in bed and everything. But that won't happen, Manly Man has to be at church too early for that. But that is OK. I will be with him and my boys all day, and maybe even some special friends!
Being a mom is really hard. I was encouraged today when I heard a message that was broadcast on Family Life Today. You can listen to the two part broadcast here.
Enjoy. Be Blessed. Happy Mother's Day!


Holly said...

Nan, I'm so sorry to hear the sad memories associated with Mother's Day for you're mom! But I'm glad to hear that you are allowing yourself to be celebrated! Mothering is HARD work and you should let Manly Man and the boys love and celebrate YOU! I'm with you the idea of being waited on is nice, but just being together is really great as well! David is working today, but we'll all be together tomorrow!

I love you and wish you a very wonderful Mom's Day as I think you're an amazing Mom!!!

Hulls Clan said...

happy mother's day momma! miss you like crazy! got your message, just got back from myrtle beach and now out this eve. but will call tomorrow! love you and thinking of you are an amazing momma...YOU inspire me!

Caroline said...

Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for the phone call, I was taking a much needed nap. Talk to you soon!

love you!

Sarah said...

I'm glad you have the freedom to celebrate!!