Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Kind Heart

Whenever Jonathan sees a dandelion, he must stop. It is almost a little compulsive. We were headed into the park on Saturday. Usually the boys run when they get to the grass. They both took off this time and then Jonathan stopped. He bent down and picked this dandelion and gave it to me. Just like he always does. As I sat on the bench and looked at the dandelion that he gave me and told me not to loose, I didn't look at it as "another dandelion." I chose to look at the heart behind it. My boy loves me. And I think, if he could, he would give me every flower he ever saw. One day, a young woman is going to snag my boy up and she will be blessed by him. Until then, I will treasure every flower he gives me. Because for now, I am the only girl for him:)


emily said...

It makes me happy to think that you and I were treasuring such similar moments :) Thanks for sharing, Nan. So well said.

Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

That made me cry! Oh man...there is just something about a boy isn't there!

Anonymous said...

We are truly blessed beyond measure by both our boys. I love that makes me miss you and Jonathan and Jacob even more. I can't wait to see you all in the morning!

Crissie said...

What a beautiful thought! I am so impressed that you chose to see the love behind it and not toss it aside as just a weed.

I was so touched by you envisioning the day that your little boy's heart will belong to another girl... My 13 year old little boy calls me his "momfriend" as opposed to his girlfriend. I pretty much love it.


Sarah said...

LOVE those boys!!!