Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where We've Been, Part 4

Last Thursday night, we had Manly Man's parents up for dinner at our house to celebrate his mom's 60th birthday! Yep, two parties in less than a week! October and November are very big birthday months for both of our families! Grandma wanted a pie, so I made pumpkin (I don't eat it versus the pecan pie that I make and love to eat!!!). We had a yummy dinner and enjoyed a great game of Yahtzee also!

That brings us back to this week. School started back. Jonathan is officially a reader. We went to the beach and to Mellow Mushroom to celebrate that exciting development! We have had Awana and will be making peanut butter cookies tomorrow!

On a side note, Jonathan got his vest at Awana for reciting John 3:16! We watched through the window last night during their rec time and we so excited to see him running fast and coming in second during a game! I have never seen him so proud of himself! We were and are too Jonathan!


Tarrah said...

WooHoo Johnathan! Reading and you got your Awana vest! I'm so happy for you!

Good job mom and Dad!

melissa said...

sounds like so much fun - i mean, can't get much better than the beach and mellow mushroom!

Caroline said...

Wow Jonathan! You go boy! We are so proud of the BIG boy that you are. Keep up the good work!

Adam, Caroline, and Wesley

4funboys said...

love AWANAS!

I wish our boys were able to go.

Hulls Clan said... Pumpkin pie...can't wait for Thanksgiving time:) See you Thurs.?