Sunday, November 29, 2009

Skinny Is As Skinny Does

I had an epiphany this week. It really isn't profound or anything but for me it is monumental! As I have struggled to get off the 5 to 7 pounds that I put back on I was confronted with several truths. I like to eat. I like eating sweet things. I like salty things. I feel guilty when I over eat, but not guilty enough to do anything about it the next time around. I don't like how I feel when I stuff myself.
As I chew madly on a piece of gum, I am making a choice. A choice to listen and remember those truths. See, I like how I felt before those 5 to 7 pounds reattached themselves to me. I liked how I looked in my black bikini this summer on the beach. I got there through hard work and smart choices.
If I want to be that girl again, then I have to live and eat like that girl. I have to eat healthy foods, not crap. I have to not over eat. I have to chew a piece of gum since I am not hungry but I really want a piece of cold pizza to "snack on" before and while I cook dinner (which I would still eat, even after eating a piece of pizza).
I will be able to enjoy treats, in small portions, and not every day (much less every meal). But I will do the treats the right way...eating my favorites and really tasting and savoring them.
If I want to be that bikini girl, then I have to live like that bikini girl. After all, skinny is as skinny does.
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Carrie said...

I second everything you just said-except the bikini part-so not there yet! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Teesa said...

Sounds logical to me.

Two things that I do to prevent me from eating what I greatly desire to eat (also salt or chocolatey snacks) are to drink hot tea and lots of it (decaf) and brush my teeth right after dinner. I'm lazy enough that I don't want to brush my teeth again so I won't eat anything. Stupid trick, but they work for me.

Caroline said...

Amen sister. I needed to read this today as I've hit the "post-pregnancy plateau" (you know, where you lost all the baby weight you're going to without having to work - yeah, I'm there). I've got a long way to go and I need to think like a skinny person if I'm going to get there.

Holly said...

Nan - I was just thinking about posting a post almost like this! It seems silly for some people to post about weight or eating right, but for those of us who have touble with this sorta thing... it's so helpful!!!! I'm so proud of you girl and I know you can take off those few pounds! I've lost almost 7 pounds. You've been an inspiration to me!!!