Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tomatoes: A Lesson In Math

See this bowl of cherry tomatoes? They were all picked yesterday from our garden. We have two cherry tomato plants, and they can produce! Jonathan came out to help me pick tomatoes. I told him it looked like we had a hundred of them! We came inside and it was time for school to start. We got to math. We have have been working on counting groups of 10 and the left over ones to come up with a number from 20 to 29. We have been doing this for several days! I mean, forever it felt like! Today, I asked him to do it without writing the numbers....I realized that he had no connection before two groups of ten and 4 left over being 24. No connection! I kept at it, trying to explain it different ways. I finally got one way to work (don't remember which one though)! I saw a light bulb come on in his head! It was brilliant! I love watching the light come on! I have seen it a lot since i taught for six years. But, there is nothing like a light bulb coming on in your own child's head! He had it! To test it, we counted the tomatoes. 74 of them. He did it! And, he made 74 cents! SO proud!


melissa said...

that's a hard lesson!! i remember it taking a while to make sense in my brain, too! your tomatoes look delic!

Sarah said...

I love how you can make lessons in the everyday, ordinary stuff. I can't wait to do that with Jack...I am already telling him about everything! I love the lightbulb as well and I am sure that it is amazing when you see it in your own child! I am proud of you for all you have done/are doing this summer! Size 6's! Yipee!