Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We have finally all recovered! Praise the Lord!
I had pneumonia. Jonathan had double pneumonia. Jacob had strep. Manly Man...he went out of town, came back early because we were so sick and then had to nurture us back to health! But, we are finally feeling well!!!! We are spending a little time away from home this week and are really trying to enjoy the time away, because we really need it. We learned on Friday that the bank that took over the bank that owned Manly Man's mortgage office closed them down. That means that he was laid off from his part time job. We are taking the week to pray and seek God for His direction. After all, His plan is so much better than our own!
The boys have been swimming a ton in the last week. They are both making great strides and I am so proud of them! They are also learning how to boogie board! Absolute pure joy of their faces when they ride a wave in...pure joy!
We are hoping to do some boating, fishing, beaching and sleeping while we are away. I need the sleep...last night's sleep was terrible!!! Manly Man snored, so I was headed to the couch when Jacob called for me. He and Jonathan were sharing a bed and they had already woken up fighting about kicking each other in their sleep. I crawled in the double bed and slept like a mummy in the middle of the two! I say slept. I didn't sleep. I tried. I failed. I hate failure. Especially when it comes to sleep! I feel a nap coming soon. But, being that almost the whole month of June was taken off from school, (I'm so mean aren't I...having school in the summer, but when it is 95 with a heat index of 105, I think being inside and learning is much better. We will take time off in the fall when the weather isn't so miserable!), the boys have some learning to do.
What is the worst illness you have had in the middle of the summer?


Hulls Clan said...

oh nan...i'm so sorry to hear about your man's job! we will be praying for your family! talk soon!

Kari said...

I'm sorry, Nan, about the job.

I had mono one summer and it was awful. In addition to a terrible sore throat, I got sick to my stomach and couldn't keep anything down.

Holly said...

I'm sorry about Manly Man! God is in control for sure!! I'm so glad you all are feeling better!!! Keep us updated!

My own personal self - I had bronchitis one summer... it was awful – I coughed for over a month and the inside of my rib cage was bruised!

Teesa said...

Sorry to hear about the job. That's terrible news. I will pray that God will show you His direction for you.

Worst sickness I've had in the summer? Meningitis, though a close second is this allergic reaction I've been struggling with this summer. It was really bad two weeks ago and we were in a HOT HOT HUMID location. Talk about itchy! Glad you guys are feeling better. Get some sleep!