Thursday, February 9, 2012

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I've been meaning to post about my "no sugar for 2 weeks" "thing" I did a month ago, but I have been busy, but that is for another post. I learned a lot about myself while not eating sugar. I learned that I could function without it. I learned that I didn't really want to function without it :) I learned that if I am going to eat in response to my emotions, it doesn't matter if I can't have sugar; I will find something else to eat. It was a tough go for a few days, but all in all, I am glad that I did it, if no other reason than to say that I can do it.
So, there it is. I am eating sugar these days. Making it in moderation though. Other things to share on this front, but not today.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Joy of Boys!

I went home to Charlotte this weekend for a trip. It had been two months since I had been there or seen my parents and Manly Man was working 72 of the last 96 hours. Great time for a visit right?
I had a great time with my parents! I got my hair cut and highlighted. I was able to visit with my precious niece, Savannah Mae. I got to meet up with a wonderful friend from junior high and her new man! What a blast that was!
Mom, Dad, the boys and I went to the Davidson College Women's Basketball game on Saturday afternoon where I saw my junior high band director. I think I saw a hint of "I feel old" from him when I told him both the boys with me were my sons:)
Sunday was church. It is always nice going back to the church I grew up in because everyone knows me. It is nice to be known.
We hit the road to come back home after a short stop to see my niece one last time and so the boys could see their uncle.
I was hoping to not have to stop for a bathroom break on the way home. We made it all the way to Charlotte on Thursday without a stop! It was unreal! No such luck this time. We had to stop twice! But here is the best part...I pull on the side of the road. The boys unbuckle their seat belts, open the van door and pee out the side! Yes I realize that might disgust some of you. That is OK. It isn't my favorite. However, since I can't leave one in the car while I take the other in to use a nasty, germy bathroom, this option is MUCH faster!
I only wish I could do it;)
Stay tuned for a post about what I learned from not eating sugar for two weeks.
By the way, is anyone still out there?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Injured Mom

As I sit, camped out on the couch, with a knee that is aching, I am very aware how blessed I am. My Manly Man keeps asking if I need him to come home since it hurts to walk or stand (I think he might just want to come home!). My boys are being great and even bringing me things I ask for, like water and my purse!
Boys, and Manly Man, I LOVE YOU! I am blessed!
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 9 Thoughts

When I can't have sugar, I'll find something else to eat too much of. I'd have to cut out bread, sugar and cheese! Balance! It is all about balance. I will be working on a plan during the remaining 5 days. I need to know how I am going to balance my trigger foods when this is over. Planning! I have a feeling will be of the utmost importance!

This is what I have craved today! I made bread and it was delicious! (Sorry for the poor quality photo!)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Days 6 and 7 (No Sugar)

Wednesday was fine until I got the boys home from Awana and was hungry since we eat an early dinner usually. I had two pieces of string cheese and that helped, but I really wanted something munchie. I went to bed instead.

Thursday wasn't a bad day. We went to Manly Man's aunt and uncle's house to see them for a few hours. We had grilled cheese sandwiches and grapes and strawberries. I had mine with cheddar cheese and it was yum-o! I actually ate two sandwiches. Yikes! I kept lunch light. Then, at 9pm, I attacked some cheddar cheese pretty hard. I'm paying for it today, and drinking lots of water to flush the extra sodium out of my rings are tight right now! Next time, I'll just go to bed!

I found a product today that I am super excited about, but don't want to share it with you until I have tried it. And I can't try it until next Friday! Bet your wondering aren't you???

It gets easier each day to make it through. I'm not sure exactly what I miss the most. It is hard to miss it when it isn't in your house. It is also hard to miss something sweet when a light bulb in your head is turned on, but I will share more about that at the end of the second week. I won't be updating daily anymore about this challenge, but I will be posting a couple of times over the next week.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Remote Controller, In Training!

I asked Jonathan where the remote was because I wanted to know what was coming on next. He had it hidden under his pillow! That rascal!